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Chasing the Dream" explains with data and analyses what has happened in the US Space Program over the last fifty years.

Chasing The Dream - Book (Paperback)

SKU: 001
  • "Chasing the Dream" is non-fiction and explains the US space program from its inception to today with many personal anecdotes by a guy who was in the trenches over the last fifty years. The book is semi-technical (3 equations) but should be easily understandable by anyone who reads Scientific American. This book explains the great advances in space transportation technology that have happened over the last fifty years, and how those advances have been mostly misapplied, or shelved by political intrigue, such that we still have not achieved the goal of people living and working in space even after spending hundreds of billions of equivalent 2019 dollars. However, the book also explains how numerous commercial companies are now using the best of those technologies to reduce the cost to getting into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and thereby insuring that the dream of moving into space is still alive and well. Finally, this book shows where space travel is heading in both the near and distant futures as humankind immigrates into the solar system and beyond. The book is 320 pages long with 278 illustrations and 158 references.

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