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The Book and the Blogs are really Testimonials to the way Rocket Scientists are trained to observe, and think through problems, in order to find solutions. I think you will enjoy the process.

Dana Andrews


Dana Andrews has a well-earned reputation for iron-clad integrity; speaking truth to power and brilliant technical analyses and creativity. 

I am looking forward to savoring his latest publication and the lessons we can learn going forward.

Tim Vinopal

Space Station Lab Module Configurator and Lunar Transfer Vehicle study manager


Dana Andrews, with no teaching experience, led a group of twenty-six Aeronautics and Astronautics seniors to research the economics of space access and to design a lunar mining base that won the yearly NASA-sponsored student space design competition at Cocoa Beach in June 2012. The students then published their results in a AIAA paper which has been heavily downloaded around the world.

Professor Kristi A. Morgansen 

Chair for William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington


Dana and I have been great friends since before dirt.  This is a must read for anyone wanting the story behind the story.

Roger (X-man) Lenard

Expert F-106 Air Defense fighter pilot, creator of the Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile program in SDIO, now the kill vehicle for the Navy Upper Tier Defense System. Program manager for Project Timberwind, a high thrust-to-weight nuclear thermal rocket, Lead systems engineer on Ares I-X Flight Test Vehicle, served on two Presidential Commissions, presently performing impact criticality analyses of space nuclear reactors. 


My career path crossed Dana's repeatedly in the realm of advanced design:  recommending novel propellant combinations, competing for the Military Spaceplane contract (last gasp of Reusable Aero-Space Vehicle), comparing commercial utility of boosted vehicles vs. supersonic transports, and designing very large air-launched boosters.  Those 20 years showed him to have an open mind, but nevertheless a steel trap, and impeccable B.S. detectors.  This book will reveal the scenes behind the sidelines at the biggest show on Earth, and I can't wait to read it.

Michael Dunn

Senior Tech Fellow, The Boeing Company


“Dana Andrews has the scars and battle-wisdom gained from four decades fighting in the trenches of the international space industry.  And he knows where all the skeletons are buried...”

Doctor Rob Hoyt

CEO Tethers Unlimited, Inc.

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